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Working hard is great, but working smart is better. We believe in identifying and addressing roadblocks to performance--instead of repeating the same faulty movement patterns over and over hoping they will improve. Perfect practice makes perfect:
Let us help you perfect your practice today!

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We offer individual evaluation and focused instruction to help everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors. Our workshops can be tailored to be sport specific (for golf, ballet, figure skating, etc.) or more broadly focused for a general population.

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Postural Analysis & Movement Assessment

A one-hour, one-on-one screening to identify challenges and create an action plan. All new individual training clients begin with this session.


KinesioPilates: This class offers a contemporary approach to the Pilates repertoire, integrating new research concerning the fascial lines, flexibility, and muscle response. Dynamic, tri-planar movements build functional strength for the real world, while maintaining the beneficial challenge to coordination and concentration provided by the traditional Pilates exercises.

Roll & Restore: Explore techniques to mobilize stiff joints, release chronic tension from muscles, and rejuvenate the fascia. We'll use a soft foam roller, massage balls, and bands to help restore elasticity the body and promote beautiful, effortless movement.

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Personal Training

Address asymmetry, create more successful neuromuscular pathways in your body, and learn to move with more ease in one-on-one, duet, or trio sessions.

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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